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I bought a $1400 Robot Bed! An Honest Snoo Review.

Sleep now because you will never sleep again.

These are words I heard constantly whenever a seasoned mom saw my bulging belly and swollen feet wandering around in my third trimester. I was worried and a friend recommended the Snoo, a smart bassinet that acts like a “second pair of hands” and responds to baby’s cries with rocking and soothing white noise sounds.

I thought it was too good to be true; and at a price point of $1200 seemed a bit pricey. I decided to think about it for a while.

I ended up seeing it on sale for Black Friday and just went for it. After all, I wasn’t planning on hiring a nanny or postpartum doula, and we didn’t have any family members coming to help like many expecting moms do. I decided it would be worth it to squeeze our budget for a bit of sanity.

When we first got it, I hadn’t slept for more than 1 hour for about a week. Baby K was a very hungry hippo for the first 3 months of his life and wanted to feed every 45 minutes to 1 hour, 24 hours a day. Since I was breastfeeding on demand, it was hard to share the responsibilities with my also tired, but not as tired husband!

Luckily I had ordered the Snoo to deliver a week after Baby K’s due date, and it was right on time. It was a breeze to set up, and we started seeing results from day one. I remember he slept for nearly 2 hours at a time on the first day and we were SO happy because it was 50% more than before! The Snoo helped him to sleep as long as his little tummy could handle.

The rocking motion is responsive to Baby K. So when he cries, the bassinet rocks more and more to soothe him. However, you can limit the motion if you feel that it's too much for your baby or lock the motion on a specific level. You can also start the motion or white noise on a higher setting if your baby responds well to more rocking/noise. I found a higher level was great for sleep regressions or when Baby K got vaccines and needed to be soothed a little more at night. At the highest level of rocking, the bassinet will shut off after several minutes and let you know via the app on your phone that your baby needs care.

The other great thing is that the Snoo keeps a sleep log so you can track your baby’s progress! You can see a current snapshot of Baby K's sleeping habits. Blue is when he's calmly sleeping, and the Snoo is rocking on the baseline level. Red is when the Snoo is soothing Baby K after he cried. The log saves a daily, weekly and monthly snapshot of your baby as seen below!

By about 3 months, Baby K was sleeping 5-6 hours at a time, and I truly believe that the Snoo helped increase his sleep. By 4 months, he began sleeping longer stretches, around 8-9 hours! So much that I started to feel well rested again!

Now at 5 and a half months, I’ve began the weaning process. The Snoo recommends by 6 months to transition babies into their own crib. Luckily the Snoo has a weaning mode, where it only plays white nose without motion, but will still respond by rocking if the baby cries.

Here are some pros and cons to the Snoo.


  • Extra sleep!

  • Snoo aesthetic is beautiful and it is well made and sturdy

  • Easy to swaddle baby and he likes the coziness. Also has arms out option for the swaddles.

  • Convenient app that keeps a sleep log with stats about your baby’s sleep

  • Motion and sound preferences (how much the baby is rocked and the volume) are completely customizable through the app


  • It’s quite pricey and can only be used for about 6 months

  • If your baby is big like mine (99 percentile for height and 94 for weight), his head and feet might be touching the top and bottom before 6 months

  • Weaning into a crib isn’t seamless; baby got so used to the Snoo motion and is sometimes hard to settle without it! Our pediatrician warned us that we will suffer later around the 6 month mark because babies get addicted to Snoo!

Would I recommend it? Yes! It was one of the best purchases I made in my opinion, and I feel we really made great use of the Snoo. And they have a decent resale value, so I’m hoping to get a little bit of money back. Another option is their Snoo rental plan!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email! Also if you have a Snoo and would like to share your experience I would love to hear it!



Note: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased my Snoo.

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